Private Salon

Private Salon will be through a referral system.

We will program the original menu based on the sound treatment according to your physical condition. Many athletes also attend.

~ New scan (sound treatment) ~

It was developed by the very original theory and technology of Russian scientists to visualize the balance of mind and body. Ayurveda and oriental medicine are widely adopted, and it is a health device that checks the balance of mind and body by fusing advanced technology and traditional medicine. Every substance in this world has its own unique frequency and has been proved by Dr. Max Planck, a Nobel physicist. It is already known that the body also has its own frequency, and that frequency (frequency) differs greatly between when you are healthy and when you are sick. While wearing clothes, Wear headphones, It will check about 630 parts of the whole body with ultra-low frequency sound (1Hz-9Hz) , You can get the measurement result on the PC screen. Each part of the body has its own unique resonating frequency and emits a weak electric current. This is related to the function of cells (communication of information with each other), and healthy cells maintain our health by communicating information with each other in cooperation with each other. We hope that you will incorporate it into self-maintenance such as daily stress and the change of seasons, and use it as a reference for reviewing your lifestyle.

Natural healing power course 90 minutes 20,000 yen.

DNA cleaning course 120 minutes 30,000 yen.

An additional charge of 3000 yen will be charged for every additional 15 minutes.